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Live Casinos Online 2019 | Best Live Dealer Casinos

Live casino is the ultimate online extravaganza when it comes to gambling. Online casinos have always tried to one-up their land-based counterparts in pretty much everything – the winnings, the odds, the experience, and pretty much everything else. However, there’s something special, something truly exciting about playing casino games hosted by live dealers or against live players from exotic lands. The traditional casinos had the upper hand at this for quite some time. Then came the era of live casino games, and the rest is history!

Live casino games take the online gambling experience to a whole another plane where anything is possible. Punters can play casino games that are hosted by live dealers from the casino or play against players that are half-way around the world, all from the comforts of their own couch. Now, that’s the zenith of gambling experience that even land-based casinos can only hope to match.

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Top Live Dealer Casinos in the UK

Are you looking for an outstanding gambling experience of live casino games? Then, worry not. We have curated an authoritative list of top online casinos that host the best live casino games the industry. The casinos on out homepage offer the best odds (RTPs), the best gambling experiences, the best bonuses, and the best terms for the newcomer gamblers. In other words, these casinos have favorable terms, conditions, features, and offers to make it a fantastic gambling experience for every kind of punter out there.

This list includes the names of the casinos, the bonuses they offer, other features that we like about them, and everything important you should know about them. Compare the information, select a casino that you like, click on it, and enjoy playing the live casino games on their websites. Also, take some time to read the bonus terms and conditions before you sign up. They usually come with wager requirements.

Stay tuned to this list and keep checking it on a weekly basis because we are always analyzing the online casinos for the experiences they offer. If we receive any complaints from our readers or have a bad experience ourselves at any of the casinos, then we immediately remove them from this list. Likewise, we also keep updating this list with new casinos whenever we find great ones out there with good live dealer games.

Top Live Casino Games

Online casinos offer dozens of live casino games, including live versions of traditional casino games and their many variants. Here are the top live casino games that players enjoy on the online casinos.

Live Roulette

Roulette has always been one of the most popular casino games since it was invented. Naturally, it has become a kind of a rage at online casinos. To cater to the growing demand for more exciting Roulette games, casinos today offer multiple versions of Roulette games. Each of them promises a better experience than the other and quite honestly, always deliver. These games make use of creative animations to create a memorable experience for the players.

Live Baccarat

Baccarat has always been the casino game of the uber-rich and the royalty. At least, that was the case before casino gaming went online. Today, there are dozens of varieties of Baccarat available online for players of all budgets. There is usually a minimum bet to be placed, but it is incredibly low, making it an exciting game for everyone.

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Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack is nothing like Live Roulette. Since it is a card game, Live Blackjack only means that you get to play the card game against other live players online. There aren’t many animations to boast of, but there’s the thrill of playing against the good, bad, and the very best players from a variety of countries. That’s the thrill of this game. Also, the players are allowed to place plenty of side bets which makes the game even more exciting.

Other Live Casinos Games

There’s a whole world of live casino games waiting to entertain the players with their awesomeness. So, take your time browsing through and enjoy the experiences offered by the various games until you find your favorites.

Best Live Casino Games for Mobile Players

Once you get a taste of live casino games, nothing else will ever match that experience. You’ll want to enjoy it wherever you go. And guess what? You can!

There are plenty of online casinos that allow the players to enjoy their games from their mobile devices too. In fact, many of the live dealer games are designed to run on both desktops as well as mobile devices. So, you can enjoy these games wherever you are and whatever you are doing. If you have a few minutes of extra time on your hands, then a short session of live casino gaming can fill it up.

To enjoy a great session of live dealer casino games, you must remember 2 things. Firstly, some casinos have dedicated apps for Android and iOS platforms to enable their players to enjoy the games on their platform. However, most other casinos do not have dedicated apps, but instead optimize their websites to offer a lightweight, high-performance experience for the mobile players. In such cases, players must visit the casino on their mobile browser, log in, and play the game they like.

Secondly, you cannot pause the live dealer games halfway through the game. So, make sure that you have some time on your hand. Otherwise, you’ll be leaving the game in the middle, and that can mean lost money in most cases.


Live casino games are the most thrilling and amazing experiences in the online casinos. With so many casinos offering mind-boggling bonuses, it is vital that you don’t fall pretty to marketing gimmicks only to find that the gaming experience on the casino is pathetic.

So, select your choice of online casinos from our lists on our homepage and enjoy live casino games of your choice without any worry about the quality of service or games.

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