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Lottery is one of the oldest and most popular games of luck. Lotteries are so popular that they can be found in almost every country in the world. Even in the UK, there is a national lottery which is played by millions and millions of UK citizens.

So, why do people love lotteries so much? Because they are simple, and they offer a rush of excitement and thrill that is typical of casinos without costing too much. That’s the beauty of lotteries. They are affordable and easy to play.

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The Era of Online Lotteries

Online lotteries have completely turned the game of lottery by its head. Players need not wait weeks or even days to know the results of their wager. They can get the results right away, instantly. Of course, there are also online lotteries that announce the results after some stipulated time, but you can choose whether you want to play such lotteries or the instant play-and-win kind.

Online lotteries, also called lottos, work pretty much the same way as offline lotteries do. They allow the players to select a group of numbers, typically up to seven. Then there will be random draws of numbers by an authentic random number generator-based machine. If the numbers drawn by the computer matches one or more of those chosen by the player, then they win.

Lottery Sizes

The size of the winning amount typically depends on three factors:

  • How many numbers chosen by the players match with those drawn by the machine?
  • Does the sequence of the players’ numbers match the sequence of the draw?
  • The stakes, which are predetermined

All these factors change from one lotto to another, from one online casino to another. So, before you start playing a lottery, read the terms of the game in their entirety.

Some lottos allow players to choose as many as 12 different numbers. However, the stakes are substantially reduced in such lotteries because the odds of winning are heavily stacked in favour of players.


Making the Most of Online Lottery Games

Online lotteries, just like their offline counterparts, are chiefly a game of luck. However, online lotteries give you some wiggle room for you to use your skills. You can use your skills to tilt the odds in your favor. Here’s how:


Most casinos and lottery sites offer you real money bonuses when you sign up on their website. In other words, you can use the money they give you and use it to purchase lotteries. If you win, it’s all yours. However, always make it a point to check the terms and conditions of the bonuses. They may put a cap on your winnings earned from the bonus money, add some wager requirements, or have some other pesky conditions.

It’s All in the Numbers

Some lottos allow players to choose up to 5 numbers, some of them allow up to 7 numbers, and some even higher. The higher the numbers they allow players to choose, the lower the stakes they offer. Players should compare the various lottery games available out there within each of the categories. Compare lotteries that allow you to choose 5 numbers with other lotteries that permit you to select 5 numbers. Likewise, compare 7-number lotteries with other 7-number lotteries. Pick the lotteries that offer higher odds and stakes in each of the categories.

Because the odds for jackpots and blockbuster payouts are heavily stacked against the players, it’s always better to choose lotteries that allow players to pick more numbers, say 12. In such cases, the player’s chances of winning something improve substantially, although the size of the stakes and therefore their winnings are cut to a fraction.

Final words

Online lotteries in the UK are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. Before signing up to an online casino or a lottery website, check out whether a casino is licensed by the UKGC. This information is usually displayed at the bottom of the casino or lottery website.

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