//Common Online Casino Scams

Common Online Casino Scams

Online casinos have existed since 1996 and online casino scams have existed almost as long. While most operators are fair and honest, there are always some casinos attempting to scam unsuspecting players.

Some of the warning signs of a scam include when an online casino won’t disclose where it is based and the lack of a license number anywhere on the homepage. Other less obvious signs a casino might be scamming its players is their games being provided by software companies that are essentially unheard of in the industry. In addition, any casino that reportedly takes too long to fulfill players’ withdrawal requests may not be legitimate. Most online casinos will pay out winnings within one to two days after a player requests them. However, depending on the casino, the waiting time can be up to seven days.

Here are some common online casino scams that have been reported over the years:

Any instance where the odds of winning are completely unfair is often cause for concern. This is why it is so important for online gamblers to understand the concept of return to player (RTP) rates. The majority of legitimate online casinos make it easy to access these rates so that players know what they are up against. They will keep a link on their site that takes players to the RTP rates list, compiled by whichever third-party auditor verified the rates list. A general rule of thumb for determining if a casino is a scam or not is whether the RTP is between 95 and 98%. If it is, the casino can be trusted and is safe to play at.

Another common casino scam is offering little to no customer service support to players. If a casino does not have at least an email address and/or phone number where customer service can be contacted, it is a casino to avoid. Those that don’t give any information on how long it will take to receive a response will most likely ignore questions and inquiries from players. Along the same lines, online casinos that don’t offer a variety of deposit methods are most likely nothing more than a scam. In most cases, if a casino is trying to scam its players it will only allow them to make a deposit using a bank transfer.

The wagering requirements an online casino uses are a good way to establish whether or not they are legitimate. Casinos that are guilty of running a scam will often set wagering requirements that are unrealistic and not in the best interests of players. For example, in general, any casino that requires its players to bet an amount of more than 50 times their welcome bonus money in order to claim any winnings, wants to take their players money and disappear with it.

It pays to watch out for these common online casino scams. Players should do plenty of research on any online casino before joining with the intention of gambling with real money.

common casino scams
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