//Different Types of Online Slot Machines

Different Types of Online Slot Machines

Most new online casinos feature a variety of slot machine games. With a few different types of slots, no two casinos have quite the game selection. The different types of slot machines give players choices in their entertainment.

The original three reel slot machines have found their way into certain online casinos. Many casinos categorize them as classic slots, the land based version of which have been around since 1899. Classic slots are often preferred by an older generation of players as well as beginners who have no experience with slot machines. In most cases online classic slots resemble their offline counterparts, with the possible exception of a few new/extra symbols on the reels.

More modern players prefer video slot machines to the classic version. Since the 1970s video slot machines have been played at land based casinos and now they are played online everyday all over the world. Video slots hit their peak in the 1980s and are still alive thanks to the thousands or more of online casinos operating today. Emerging technology allowed for the birth of video slots and added bonus rounds and free spins to the games, something that was never possible in the days of classic slots. In addition, progressive jackpots were created when video slots had the ability to be connected to each other, something that was also not previously possible.

Progressive slots are a type of slot machine in their own right, and a type that have become very popular at online casinos. In the beginning, each slot machine game had its own jackpot. Afterwards, it was discovered that games could be linked together to create one large progressive jackpot that players would be more inclined to put real money into. Progressive jackpot games sometimes award millions of dollars to lucky players.

Maybe the most popular type of slot machine in online casinos today is 3D slots. For the longest time, this was not possible due to a lack of the needed technology. This brings a whole new life to games and makes them more visually stimulating. Characters now seemingly jump off the screen at players, adding to the excitement level of the game. With everything looking more realistic, players are drawn to slot machines that normally wouldn’t have any interest in them.

In general, 3D slots are found at the largest and most established online casinos in the industry. The top software companies in the industry are the ones that are most likely to create 3D games. Many new 3D games are being designed based on TV shows, movies and music groups that are already popular.

Each different type of slot machine attracts different demographics of players. All of them have a place in many of today’s online casinos. Many players will find themselves starting with three reel slots and working their way up to video, progressive and 3D slots. With such exciting choices, online casinos are becoming a more and more popular form of entertainment today.

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