//What To Expect From Online Casinos In 2018

What To Expect From Online Casinos In 2018

2018 is set to be a huge year for new online casinos. With the industry exploding in popularity, players are craving something new for the year and online casinos are focused on providing just that. Software companies are also getting in on the boom by releasing sequels to many of the most popular slot machine games in the industry. This includes tiltes such as Red Dead: Redemption, Pillars of Eternity and Dragon Ball FighterZ. Players should be on the lookout for a ton of new games added to the collections of many online casinos this year.

Many of the industry’s top software companies will be releasing new slot machine games throughout 2018. Playtech is capitalizing on the popularity of DC Comics by releasing new games such as Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad. The release of the Suicide Squad online slot machine game will make history as one of the rare instances in which a game is created based on a movie that received an Academy Award. Playtech is also expected to re-release Marvel based games as a series of games called the Age of Gods.

NetEnt also has plans to release new games in 2018. This includes Hotline, a game based on the Hotline Miami video game. There has also been talk that the company will release a game based on the classic musical, Phantom of the Opera.

Though Microgaming doesn’t have as many new releases planned for the year, they have announced the release of Lucky Little Gods, set to happen sometime in February of 2018.

Mobile gaming is also a big part of what to expect from online casinos before the world rings in 2019. Thanks to constant advances in technology, mobile gaming is expected to reach a market value of $110 billion. The relatively low cost of producing mobile games is the main reason that online casinos are foucsing their efforts on it. The low cost of producing these games as well as the potential they have for bringing in much higher revenues than non mobile games are the reasons that online casinos are embracing them.

Along the same lines, many online casinos will be working to improve the quality of their mobile apps. This could mean more game choices for mobile players as well as better graphics and sound effects. Online casinos are mindful of the fact that their mobile players expect the games to be just as high quality as they would be if played on a computer, and they are making improvements with these expectations in mind.

There is no doubt that the year will conclude with many more online casinos having launched or expanded. The industry is gaining more and more attention and increasing in value everyday. Those looking for an exciting online gambling experience are sure to find at least one casino they can enjoy. This points to 2018 being another year where online casinos will continue to grow and thrive as entertainment options.

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