//History of UK Online Casinos

History of UK Online Casinos

Online casinos are popular in the UK because land based casinos were previously popular all over the country, and in many ways still are. In fact, there are reportedly 140 of them spread out all over the UK.

The beginnings of gambling in the country revolved around bets placed on something such as a coin toss built into a game of cross and spill or even jousting match outcomes.  Another popular gambling game at the time was Bragg, which today is known as Poker. It didn’t stop there though, because at that time UK residents would also place bets on board games. This later led to betting on horse races, followed by other sporting events such as football. Betters would use games of football to perfect their wagering skills.

In the 19th century, casinos began to open throughout the country. At that time they were considered gaming clubs, and one had to be invited in order to join. In 1828 the first casino opened in the UK, for the sole reason of providing the Duke of Wellington with support from locals. However, it wasn’t until 1860 that casinos became legal throughout the country.

The legalization of casinos led to the opening of Casino Club, by George Alfred James, known as the “Father of British Casinos.” It was also a members only gaming establishment. It resembled today’s modern casinos, with a gaming room, restaurant, bar and dance floor. Attached to the bar, the game room included tables for blackjack and baccarat. It also included a small selection of slot machines.

This was the only type of casino Brits were familiar with until 1994. That was the year that online casinos catering to UK players made their debut. It all started in Barbados and the Island of Antigua. Upon the Free Trade and Processing Zone Act signing, online casinos saw a huge breakthrough. Even so, it took four years for the first online casino based in the UK to get up and running. At that time, gambling was becoming increasingly popular in the UK. The expectation early on was that the launching of online casinos was going to overpower the UKs land based casinos.

Gambling has now become so popular in the UK that for many people, it is a daily part of their life. As a result, the number of UK residents playing at new online casinos is higher than it ever has been before. In fact, by 2015 the number of adults gambling online increased to 15.9% and has climbed even higher in the years since.

UK gamblers have by now, collectively won millions of pounds from online casinos. The progress that online casinos have made throughout the country is unprecedented. Some of this may be due to the fact that television commercials about online casinos frequently air in the UK. As a result, the online casino industry is poised to keep growing and thriving, as UK residents have fully embraced this popular form of entertainment.

history of uk online casinos
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