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Using Maestro at online casinos

Maestro is a debit card that is often used by online gamblers to make deposits into their casino accounts. It is the debit version of Mastercard and is accepted by most online casinos catering to players based in the UK. With one of these cards, players can easily access their bank account and withdraw money from the card at virtually any ATM.

Sign Up Made Easy

Though Maestro can be linked to a bank account, players don’t have to have one in order to sign up for a card. The simple application involves providing the player’s name and address, including postal/zip code. Once a player’s address is confirmed their card is mailed to them.

Immediate Deposits

When players have received their Maestro debit card, they must deposit money onto it. They can do so by sending a text to the company that issues the card or by making their deposit online with either a debit or credit card. In order to make any deposit, a player has to declare that they are using it for online payments. They then receive a pin number of four to six digits. That number must be used every time players make a deposit into an online casino account.

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Withdrawals Without A Wait

While some payment methods force players to wait when they withdraw their casino winnings, Maestro processes withdrawals very quickly. Though they may not always be instant, as deposits are, Maestro beats most of the competition when it comes to withdrawal processing times. Players can also rest assured that withdrawals are as safe to make as deposits are, as they need to go through the same security measures either way.

Maestro Security Measures

Using the latest in technology, Maestro reassures account holders that they are safe from fraud and theft. Mastercard even offers a SecureCode service to keep online gamblers safe.

Maestro card users have the choice between choosing one password for their account and being able to generate a new password each time they use it, virtually eliminating the risk of someone hacking into an account. The SecureCode must be entered every time a player wants to use their Maestro card to make a deposit to their online casino account.

Other Benefits Of Maestro

Many online casinos will reward players with an exclusive bonus if they make their deposits with Maestro. It is also not unheard of for online casinos to give rewards points to players who consistently use this card.

Final Thoughts

As Maestro cards are backed by MasterCard, they have an excellent reputation among online casino operators. Their safety features and the convenience of using Maestro cards are two of the reasons many online casinos encourage players to use them.

The only limit some players may encounter is that certain online casinos that accept Maestro for deposits won’t allow it to be used for withdrawals as well. Otherwise, players have many compelling reasons to obtain a Maestro debit card if they plan to gamble online.

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