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Using Mastercard as a Payment Method

Second only to Visa is Mastercard when it comes to the payment option of choice for many new online casino players. Most countries throughout the world are familiar with Mastercard, making it one of the go-to payment options of savvy players that want to keep their money safe.

Obtaining One Is Easy

Mastercard is both a credit and debit card, meaning most people will be able to get one or the other. Obtaining a prepaid Mastercard is easy to do if one does not want or does not qualify for an actual credit card.

Deposits In A Flash

Making a deposit into a casino account with Mastercard is never a complicated process. Players simply fill out a simple form and choose and confirm the amount that they want to deposit. Once this step has been completed, players are minutes away from being able to use their deposit to bet on a casino’s games.

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Withdrawals Are Tricky

While deposits are easy to make with Mastercard, in most cases withdrawals cannot be made this way. For some players this doesn’t seem to be an issue, but for others it presents a problem.

In the cases where it can be used for withdrawals, on average, players will have to wait anywhere from one to five business days to receive their money.

Safe And Easy Payments

Whenever players make a payment to their casino account with their Mastercard they have to provide the card’s verification value code. This ensures that all of the payments they make to their casino of choice are safe and secure.

Mastercard makes it easy to put deposits into any online casino account. All players have to do is enter their credit card number, expiration date, CID and their name as it appears on the card.

In some cases, players will have to pay a fee in order to make an online casino deposit with this credit card. However, the fee is normally only 2% or 3% of the amount of the payment.

Access To Best Online Casinos

Players can be sure that Mastercard is their key to making deposits at some of the best online casinos. NetEnt casinos always accept this card as a form of payment, which shows how trustworthy the company is. Being a huge player in the online gambling industry, NetEnt believes in only the best for their casino members.

Final Thoughts

Mastercard is one of the oldest and most established credit card companies in the world. It is accepted at virtually every online casino for deposits, if not withdrawals as well. The trustworthiness of the card makes it a popular choice among online casino players because they know that their transactions will be processed safely.

As the go-to payment method for many players, Mastercard helps those all over the world enjoy all of the fun that online casinos have to offer. It will continue to be accepted by most online casinos in the coming years.

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