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Neteller as a Payment Method for online casinos

Based in the Isle of Man, Neteller is a worldwide e-wallet that many online gamblers in the UK trust. Traded in London, Neteller has become so popular that it now has offices throughout the world. As a result, it is the payment type many online gamblers choose.

Signing Up Is Easy

To sign up for a Neteller account, players enter their email address, password, the currency used and personal information such as home address, phone number, birth date and social security number. Once they do, their account is created and they can begin to use it right away.

Deposits In An Instant

Users have some options for depositing money into their Neteller account in order to make an online casino account deposit. Instant deposits can be completed using a debit or credit card. However, users pay a fee to be able to do this. Yet if they arrange to transfer money from their bank account to their Neteller account they can do so without paying a fee. The only downside to this is that bank transfers take a few days to show up in a Neteller account. Therefore most online casino players choose to use their credit or debit card instead.

Those that choose to use Neteller for their deposits can also do so using their mobile device. With the free Neteller app, players can easily make deposits on the go. Some new online casinos will even offer exclusive promotions to players who do this.

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Withdrawals May Be Tricky

One downside to using Neteller is that withdrawals are not always processed instantly. While online casino players can usually withdraw their winnings to their Neteller account instantly, getting that money to their personal bank account takes days and involves paying what some consider an exorbitant fee.

However, those that choose to use Neteller for their deposits can do so using their mobile device. With the free Neteller app, players can easily

The Security of Neteller

Players are reassured by Neteller that when they use the service in conjunction with their favorite online casino their financial/personal information is safe. Using 128-bit encryption, Neteller is as safe as using any bank. They are well-known for protecting those that have an account with them as well as with one or more online casinos. As one of the biggest e-wallets in the world, they have verified many online casinos as being trustworthy enough for players to have a safe gambling experience.

Final Thoughts

Many people throughout the UK and beyond have chosen to use Neteller to make deposits into their online casino account or accounts. The service is convenient to use and has already become preferred by many online casinos and gamblers alike. It continues to certify online casinos that it feels are safe for its users.

Neteller has given many people the opportunity to enjoy playing at their favorite online casino by making it easy for them to make deposits, if not withdrawals, into their accounts.

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