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Trustly payments for online gamblers

Most new online casinos offer many payment options to their players, and one of them is often Trustly. Being so easy to use, players generally prefer it over other types of e-wallets. Online casinos are happy to accept it as much as players are happy to use it.

Over 20 countries throughout Europe recognize Trustly as an online payment option. Hundreds of banks support it and millions of transactions are performed using it, every month.

No Sign Up Requierd

Unlike similar services, Trustly does not require its users to register for an account with them or download any software. The only thing players need in order to use Trustly is their own bank account, making it one of the simplest payment methods the online casino industry offers today.

Easy Payment Process

Online casino players can make a payment using Trustly by completing three simple steps. Those three steps are logging in, using the account of the player’s choice and verifying how much they are paying the casino.

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Safety of Deposits

Using two –factor authentication, Trustly makes it virtually impossible for accounts to be hacked into and misused. This greatly decreases the chances of any fraud occurring, giving Trustly a stellar reputation among some of the world’s best online casinos. Players and casinos alike feel that the company lives up to its name, as it is well known for being trustworthy when it comes to financial transactions.

By requiring authentication of each account, Trustly reassures its users that they can get a one-time passcode every time they complete a transaction. Some banks will even provide hardware that ensures each transaction is completed securely.

Another perk to using Trustly for online casino payments is that a product called Direct Debit is offered. Using this product ensures that deposits are processed as quickly as possible. This is a huge benefit to those who engage in live betting activities at their favorite online casinos.

Easy Withdrawal Too

Due to the way in which Trustly works, players rarely if ever have to worry that they will have to wait long for their money when making a withdrawal of their winnings from their online casino to their bank account. In fact, Trustly processes withdrawals instantly so lucky players can start reaping the rewards right away.

Final Thoughts

Trustly has a lot to offer online casino players that other similar services don’t. The ease of which deposits and withdrawals can be made makes it a favorite of players and casinos alike.

The security measures taken by Trustly are ones that inspire confidence in its users. Since security and easy access to a player’s money are the two main selling points of Trustly, it is easy to see why it has become one of the most popular payment methods for online casinos. It remains competitive with other similar services by offering a higher quality experience for the players that use it and the online casinos that accept it for payments.

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