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Zimpler payments for online gamblers

Most mobile casinos require players to use Zimpler to make deposits into their casino account. Over 200 mobile and online casinos accept Zimpler as a payment method, making it easy for players all over the world to rely on it.

Mobile Account Sign Up

Opening a Zimpler account is always easy for mobile phone users. All they have to do is provide their wireless phone number. Zimpler will then send a code to their phone that they can simply enter to verify their new account. When this has been completed, players will find that their Zimpler account number is simply the mobile number they provided.

Deposits Made Quickly

Zimpler users in the UK can make a deposit into their mobile casino account using the pay by bill or credit card option. When they choose the pay by bill option their deposit is charged to their mobile phone bill. Choosing the credit card option allows players to make a deposit quickly without charging anything to their phone.

Once players have chosen a deposit method all they need to do to add money to their casino account is to provide a four-digit code that is sent to their phone. Each time a player makes a deposit the four-digit code will be different, keeping each deposit safe and secure. Upon confirming the amount of their deposit, players will receive a bill to their phone for the same amount.

If a player prefers one method of making their deposit over the other they can stick with that method each time they make one. Zimpler will already know which one they prefer, yet players can go from credit card to pay by bill or vice versa any time.

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Benefits Of Using Zimpler

One of the biggest reasons that Zimpler is so popular among mobile casino players is that it can easily be used for almost any of them. No matter how many mobile casinos a player belongs to at any given time, using Zimpler to make deposits is easy.

Players can easily set a gambling budget using Zimpler, knowing they will be able to stick to it. Zimpler then manages each payment a player makes to a mobile casino. As a result, it is a much more efficient system than most others.

Final Thoughts

For many mobile casino players in certain countries, Zimpler is their only option for making payments. This is not a bad thing, as it is one of the easiest ways to manage a player’s bankroll. Mobile casinos rely on Zimpler to provide their players with safe and efficient transactions that are processed right away. At any given time, players can see how much money they have deposited as well as how much they have withdrawn.

For serious gamblers, this makes it easy to keep track of their money flow. Players in countries where Zimpler is available have a definite advantage over those who live in countries where the service is not used.

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