//New Age & ID Checks Hit the UK Online Gambling Industry

New Age & ID Checks Hit the UK Online Gambling Industry

On May 7, new license conditions and codes of practice (LLCPP Rules) came into effect. Among the many changes being implemented under these rules, the main policy change is that all online gambling agencies are now required to perform thorough identity checks and verifications of its players before allowing them to play on the casino. The objective behind adding these extra layers of checks is to prevent underage gambling in the country.

The move comes close on the heels of an extensive review of over a hundred online casinos by the UKGC over the course of the past 18 months, which resulted in four online casinos getting severe monetary penalties and dozens of others getting reprimanded for their poor implementation of UKGC’s laws and guidelines.

The UK gambling industry, which, until recently, was a highly liberal market, is now facing the heat from the government. The move comes amidst calls for a tougher stance towards the industry from within and outside the government.

It is to be noted that there were already laws to ensure that the online casinos compulsorily verified the identity of their players. However, several casinos were found to verify the players only when they made deposits and played games which required cash bets. All those players who were enjoying only the free-to-play games were not needed by these casinos to share their identity documentation and undergo the verification.

The new LCCP rules seek to change this. It mandates that online casinos must obtain proper documentation and verify the identity and age before engaging with the casino. Only the verified and legal-aged players would be allowed to deposit, enjoy the games (including the play-to-free ones), and grab the bonuses or promotions available on the platform.

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