//Objects That Bring Good Luck To Gamblers

Objects That Bring Good Luck To Gamblers

Every gambler has his or her own good luck charms. How well they work is the million dollar question, but many gamblers believe having their lucky object is crucial to winning money at any casino games. Here are some objects that bring good luck to gamblers:

Any item having to do with San Expedito is thought to be a good luck charm. This includes medals, candles and even prayer cards. Many gamblers will have a San Expedito prayer card in their pockets when they play. It has been said that those who light a candle and say the proper prayer will be destined for good luck. Other items gamblers are known to use include bath and floor wash and perfume portraying San Expedito.

Others believe that using the proper kind of oil will help them win money at their favorite casino game. Gamblers believe that magic oils such as Black Cat, Has No Hanna, Lucky Lottery, Chypre and 7/11 oil. Many recommend using one of these oils with a Fast Cash Mojo or Black Cat candle. Those who prefer cologne and perfume also have options for bringing themselves good luck while gambling. For men, the most widely used colognes are Atlantic City, Sandalwood and Jockey Club. For women, perfumes such as Espiritu du la Suerte, Saint Expedido and Vencendor.

Individuals who gamble to win will often do so while in possession of a mojo bag. This is an item that should be used by each gambler, individually. Anyone that is not the owner of a particular mojo bag is forbidden from touching it. A mojo bag is a personal item because each gambler must ensure that it is used to their natural scent and no one else’s. The first week one owns a new mojo bag, they are instructed to ensure it touches their skin. Afterwards, users are advised to have the mojo bag close to them at all times. Many gamblers will carry theirs in their pocket or sock. Gamblers are advised that their bag should be green and that it should contain objects that typically bring good luck. A bag filled with a Gambler’s Talisman and enhanced with Hoyt’s cologne is supposed to make the difference between losing and winning. Gamblers can also increase their odds of winning by keeping sachet powder in the bag. Examples of types to use include Winner, Gambler’s, Lucky Lady and Lucky Hand.

Good luck charms that gamblers should carry also include certain foods. For example, a nutmeg nut with quicksilver in it can be kept in a mojo bag to enhance the owner’s good luck. The nut is meant to be sealed shut using green candle wax. Some gamblers swear by Queen of the Meadow Leaves and even make a body wash out of them. Roots can be kept in a mojo bag to further enhance a gambler’s chances of winning.

There are many good luck objects that gamblers believe in keeping with them when they are playing.

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