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 Royal Panda Casino Review

Royal Panda may not be the latest establishment in the online casino world, but it’s for sure one of the most popular. As soon as you make a visit to the official Royal Panda Casino it will put a smile on your face. From the authoritative looking panda to the fresh combination of color, few would walk away without fulfilling the desire to click away for more.

This warm feeling and the friendly display does not only happen for veterans but newbies will feel at home too. There is no doubt that player preference is put before everything else on this site which is a good thing because then the environment becomes conducive for winning.

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Casino:Royal Panda Casino
Head office:Malta
Customer Service:Email, Phone, Live Chat
Mobile support:Yes
royal panda history

 How it all begun

For a story that started in 2013, Royal Panda is way ahead of many in the online gaming business for their dedication to a quality experience. Is it a surprise that the progress of this new site far outmatches its predecessors? Not if the site has been anchored on positivities drawn from turning around the mistakes of the competition. It is amazing how frustration at mediocrity can result in the design and development of such an almost perfect interface.

Around the time when Royal Panda was created, the internet had been flooded with negative reviews of sites that made false promises to its players, offered poor or no customer support and lacked creativity in enticing gamblers. As a result, players kept off the online gambling scene and only the daredevils stood by hoping to strike gold. Fortunately, Royal Panda has changed the profile of the average gambler; from a fearful, gloomy gamer to a happy and enthusiastic competitor. Betting is no longer about winning only, but experiencing new challenges with freedom.

 Game selection at Royal Panda

We all feel drawn to some games far more than others, whether we are there as spectators or participants. Are slots your pick? Out of the hundreds of thousands of online slot games in the market today, the Royal Panda Casino has picked the best in the classics, video and jackpot categories.
Those who fancy table games will feel like they are seated in a physical gambling hall. This is your chance to show how well you can play against the house.

From the comfort of your own mobile device, a team of professional yet friendly live dealers will engage you in competitive play regardless of where in the world you are.

 Royal Panda Bonus

To make all players happy, the Royal Panda Casino awards 100% bonus as a token for signing up to the site. Existing players have a reward of up to £100 of bonus money that keeps them anticipating for every Friday of the week. Then there is the host of other one-off promotions that are aimed at keeping players glued to the site or at least checking in regularly.

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 Modes of play at Royal Panda

For a long time, gambling was for the rich and rightfully so, because casinos required huge sums of deposit money and accessing winnings took plenty of time. Today, everybody can be a gambler and that is why the market for online gaming sites can never get filled up. Playing for free is definitely advised for new players who would want to get a feel of the games before investing in odds. It is also a great way to pass time while waiting in a queue at the bank or bus stop without feeling the pressure to concentrate too much for a win.

When it is time for real money play, there is nothing to hold you back. As all gamblers say, only bet with money which you will not miss if you lose but this is not to say you cannot place large wagers. The trick? Start small and as your account balance goes up, you will not need to deposit large sums of money for large bets.

 Summary of Royal Panda Casino

Despite the short stint in the gambling market, it seems that Royal Panda is taking gambling seriously. This raises one question, is Royal Panda affiliated to Kung Fu Panda? Nothing else comes close to explaining the kick this site is giving its online competition.