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Chibeasties 2 by Yggdrasil 

The production of sequels is often a hard task mainly because the response from the audience is not easy to control nor predict. Chibeasties 2 is a built upon the story that was first fielded in Chibeasties 1 by Yggdrasil. It almost seems like the developers have gotten to understand the concept of storytelling judging from the quality of this current creation compared to the last.

Imagine if you could easily and without any limitations move between 4 universes to explore the features and shortcomings in each. At a glance, Chibeasties 2 lives up to the aspect of originality that all games from this same developer bear. With a soundtrack in which rhythmic drums are used to reinforce tribe alignment, the slot grounds you to earth while allowing your spirit to wander through space.

 Special function & features

The game of Chibeasties 2 comprises of bonus features which make playing quite interesting; a player may choose to be in any universe and as soon as the choice is affected, game play will change. The four realms that influence game experience are the Mirroring Realm, Spreading Realm, Teleporting Realm and Expanding Realm. If a wild symbol appears on any of the realms, a player receives the Combo Wild, adding extra wilds for larger payouts.

In addition to the special features which are unique to this slot, players of Chibeasties 2 also get to enjoy benefits triggered by the free spins feature. By default, this extra play time provides increased chances of winning.

Chibeasties 2 video slot

 How to Play

How much are you willing to spend on gambling? The amount does not really matter because with Chibeasties 2 the lower range of €0.20 caters for the needs of low-risk gamers while a maximum of €100 will cover the high rollers.

While it is not a requirement for players to have experienced playing on the first edition of the sequel, those who have will find the rules and structure of play easy to follow. The setting of the game is an enchanted forest whose inhabitants are cute, tiny creatures. Do they sound creepy? They are not, in fact, they will assist you to get the highest cash awards.


As a player, you are bound to find Chibeasties 2 interesting as well as captivating. If you are looking to add a favorite to your list of slot games, then you found it.

Aim at winning throughout the game but the free spin rounds deliver the greatest rewards.

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