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 Fairytale Legends: Hansel & Gretel

Most people have seen or read fairy tales at some point in their lives picking favorites along the way. Hansel and Gretel is one such tale that brings back a flood of childhood memories. Anything that you knew to be a symbol of magic when you were younger is all brought to life in this slot. The design of the slot is the first aspect to draw the attention of players and rightfully so because of its artistic flair. Are you up for an adventure? Then join Hansel and Gretel; you are sure to have company regardless of what happens on the reels.

 How to Play

The NetEnt is renowned for many regular slots but does not be tempted to think of Hansel and Gretel as one of them. The game comprises of 10 paylines but what is unique about this setup is that the lines do not necessarily start from the reel on the far left. Interestingly, the paylines start from any position provided there are 3 or more symbols on the reel. To illustrate this point, just imagine a payline whose start is on the 2nd reel, passes through the 3rd and comes to an end on the 4th.

For players who are used to games with many paylines, 10 may be quite discouraging but it should not be. What the game lacks in paylines is compensated for in high coin values. Place a bet as low as 0.10 and if you have nothing to lose, go up to 200. You are lucky if you win anything on the base game but even if you do not, the winning frequency is rather high.

hansel and getel slot game

 Special function & features

The fact that the Fairytale Legends: Hansel & Gretel online slot is packed with various features is nothing compared to the frequency with which they show up. Count a total of 7 bonus features; 3 of these appear randomly after each spin, 1 stacked wild which appears when respins are triggered and 3 features that show up when the treasure chest scatter has been triggered. The purpose of all these features is to make sure that players are perpetually spinning, paving way for the record high number of wins.


The nature of Hansel & Gretel livens up the outlook of NetEnt. The game is not only welcoming, interesting to play but also potentially rewarding in form of the lucrative payouts. With an RTP of 96.72%, players now have a reason to log into their computers for a piece of the cake.

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