//Technology Behind Live Casinos

The Technology Behind Live Casinos

Live casinos have become all the range online. They are meant to replicate the experience of gambling in a land-based casino. However, it takes modern technology to make it happen. There are many factors that contribute to an online casino’s ability to bring their players live dealer experiences.

One of the most important tools is the cameras use to broadcast the game dealers. In most cases, when table games are being broadcasted to players, three cameras are used to ensure that the entire table can be seen at all times. For example, to live stream a Roulette game, one camera is aimed at the wheel, one is aimed at the felt table and the aim of the third one is to allow for a display of one close up and one far away display.

The Roulette wheels used for live casinos are almost always equipped with built-in sensors. These sensors work with a casino’s software to make gameplay possible. The tables used for games have an attached game control unit (GCU.) This shoebox sized device encodes the video so that it can be broadcast live to players. Without the GCU, game dealers would not be able to run the game and interact with players.

A monitor is used so that players and dealers can always see each other. This makes the experience feel realistic for the players and helps the dealers ensure the game is being run correctly. Without the monitor, dealers would not be able to keep track of the bets each player makes. They also would not be able to see the players participating in the game. The use of a monitor makes it possible for players and dealers to interact any time that they need to.

Similar to a memory card, a smart card is used in live casino technology to ensure that game dealers are always doing their jobs correctly. Those who participate in live streaming broadcasts for online casinos are thoroughly trained for the job.

Keeping the gambling experience safe and fair for each player is essential to the success of any live dealer casino. That’s why everyone is regulated and tested by third-party companies. Regulatory bodies issue licenses to online casinos to allow them to operate legally. Random Number Generators prevent online casinos from scamming players out of winnings. It also prevents online casino employees from being able to sabotage players winnings.

In addition, encryption software is used to ensure that when players bet real money on live dealer games they can rest assured their financial information won’t be compromised. This is essential to the success of any live casino as very few of them allow for free player of dealer led games.

These are the ways in which technology makes it possible for live casinos to operate. Players as well as casino operate benefit equally from this technology. There is no doubt that live casinos will continue to grow and thrive while providing easy access to interactive gambling opportunities.

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