//The History Of UK Gambling Habits

The History Of UK Gambling Habits

Gambling has long been a popular pastime throughout the United Kingdom. It has undergone many changes over the years and this is something that is expected to continue. The country’s interest in gambling can be attributed to factors such as betting shops appealing to so many locals.

However, gambling in the UK actually dates back to 43D. At that time the Romans took over London and reportedly spent a significant amount of time placing bets on dice games and the sports of that time. This meant that they were betting on events such as boxing, chariot racing and gladiator fights. They were also engaged in a game called Tabula. In modern times, that game is now called Backgammon.

By the middle ages, jousting and other tournaments were closely followed by bettors in the UK. Starting in the 13the century, gambling habits began to change due to peoples’ increased ability to travel. This meant that soldiers who fought in the crusades were coming home with experience betting on dice games they would never have had access to otherwise.

The 16th century brought with it a new card game called three-card brag. In many ways, it was the precursor to what is now known as Poker. While Henry VIII was ruling the UK, this game that inspired Poker was at the height of its popularity. This no doubt has something to do with the fact that Henry VIII himself very much enjoyed gambling. Yet for as much as he enjoyed it, he discouraged those he was leading from following in his footsteps with this hobby. The reason for this is that he didn’t want his people to be distracted from their day jobs as a result. When Edward VI took over ruling the UK he made it possible for people to bet on dice games, where Henry VIII had forbidden it.

In the 17th-century horse racing became popular in the UK. When Oliver Cromwell was in charge he wouldn’t allow the country’s residents to bet on horse races or gamble in any way. Yet when Charles II took over gambling on horse races and other sporting events was legally permitted. By this time people were beginning to bet money on cockfighting. This is also the time in history when gambling dens began to emerge throughout the UK. Many feel that these gambling dens led to what are now land-based casinos.

Around the end of the 18th-century horse racing continued to gain momentum. In addition, this is the time when horseraces began that is now officially a part of the world famous Classic series. 1839 was the first year of the running of the steeplechase race everyone knows as The Grand National.

Fast forward to the 1900s and betting shops had become a hot commodity. 1960 kicked off with the opening of the first modern-day casino in the UK. Ever since then, the gambling habits of UK residents have constantly evolved into what they are now.

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