//The Newest Slots For 2018

The Newest Slots For 2018

2018 is bringing with it some fun new online slot machines. Many of them feature themes that haven’t been used in the industry before. Along with new features as well, these games are sure to brighten the coming year for slot machine players everywhere.

Fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer are set to relive the series through the new slot machine based on it. It’s got the much loved 1,024 ways to win feature along with expanding reels (which add many more ways to win than only 1024) and a progressive jackpot players can get a shot at by spinning the Primeval Progressive Wheel. The game also has an interactive pick em’ bonus, a feature that many players enjoy as it makes the game more interactive. There are also two free spins bonus rounds. One is based on the show’s lead characters while the other one is based on the Hellmouth theme.

Another new slot machine likely to make a huge splash this year is Monopoly Hot Shot. With a built in audience of players who grew up on the classic board game, this slot machine is likely to be a hit with players of all ages. Though Hot Shot only has three reels, less than the average slot machine game, it still has much to offer. However, there are sets of mini-reels that only add to the game’s excitement. Players will love that the bonus round shows them the traditional Monopoly game board. Landing three of the scottie dogs, from the traditional game, on the reels triggers the bonus round. This involves players spinning a pair of dice and moving along the game board. Certain spaces on the board award players with cash prizes and multipliers when they land one on. The popular pick em’ feature is also used in this game, and players get to see the feature for themselves if they land on spaces such as free parking, community chest and chance. Just like in the board game, when players land on Go they get a cash reward. With four jackpots to offer as well, one being a progressive jackpot, there is no doubt players will flock to this game.

Mammoth Power is a new slot machine game in which the five reels Xtra Reward format is used. The game has the increasingly popular stacked wilds as well as something called Action Stacked Symbols. This helps players win on multiple pay lines at once. Though the game doesn’t include all the newest features, it makes the ice age theme more popular than it ever was before.

An example of a new slot introducing new themes is the Willie Nelson inspired slot machine. In fact, the games reflect a pair of themes; Willie Nelson Whiskey River and Willie Nelson Shotgun Willy. Both have progressive jackpots to offer lucky players.

These are just a few of the new slot machine games being introduced this year. Many more unique games are likely to be released as well.

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