//UK Online Casino Trends For 2018

UK Online Casino Trends For 2018

Every year the popularity of gambling, especially online, continually increases throughout the UK. For 2018 there are expected to be some major trends that will shake up the online casino industry in a positive way.

One major trend expected to fuel the industry is the merging of the country’s major gambling companies. The purpose of this is to strengthen the profits of online gambling operations by continuing to lure players away from land based casinos.

For two years now, William Hill online casino has been in negotiations to merge with the Stars Group in order to create a large online gambling platform. Though these negotiations have not yet been finalized there is a possibility that they will be in the future. While William Hill also considered merging with other online gambling companies they have not finalized any plans.

Another online gambling trend that is thriving in the UK this year is iGaming. It has already earned the country £4.5 billion in revenue and is not slowing down any time soon. There is no other sector of gambling that is doing as well in the UK as iGaming is.

In addition to iGaming, live dealer casinos are expected to keep growing in popularity throughout 2018. New trends include the creation of live dealer casinos with exciting themes. Examples of themed casinos players will see this year include Asian. Egyptian, Hollywood and superheroes. The backgrounds of each casino will reflect its unique theme. These casinos will also offer live dealer games with a different theme for each one. This is set to lead to the development of new online casino features meant to appeal to diverse groups of gamblers.

The new features gamblers can expect in live dealer online casinos in 2018 include the bet behind the feature. What this means is that players will have the ability to place bets on the outcomes of their opponents’ hands prior to taking their own turn in the game. This feature is already being used in many live dealer games of Blackjack. Features set to debut at live dealer online casinos include in-spin and in-game betting, dealer card history and enhanced statistics reports.

While traditional online casinos offer tournaments, live dealer casinos have not embraced them as much. However, that is set to change in 2018 as live dealer casinos begin running tournaments like players have never seen before. There are several of these casinos that have already started offering regular tournaments to their top-ranked players. In many cases, this leads to these players becoming celebrities in their own right at particular online casinos. Thanks to the introduction of player chat rooms in live dealer casinos, there is talk of creating live online gaming communities and hosting tournaments in which players become extremely competitive.

These are just a few of the trends that players can expect to see manifest during 2018. Online and live dealer casinos are rapidly evolving and offering players an increasingly satisfying and interactive experience gambling online.

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