//Unusual Online Slot Machine Themes

Unusual Online Slot Machine Themes

It is safe to say that there are tons of slot machine themes for players to choose from. While most are the standard themes that players are used to seeing over and over, some games feature unique themes that often make them one-of-a-kind. Each of the following unusual slot machine themes appeals to certain groups of players.

One unusual slot machine theme that has found much success is that of the Taco Brothers. The premise of the game is that the brothers are attempting to escape the prison they are being held in. The setting is the old wild-west and the action in this game is part of what makes it unique. Throughout the course of a prison break, the bonus game can be played. One by one, the three brothers escape their jail cells and go on a quest to prevent themselves from being caught. However, each of the three brothers has a love interest and if any of them are caught by prison guards they can gain their freedom with one kiss from their love. Whether the brothers ultimately escape jail or are recaptured determines how much money players win in the bonus game.

Another unusual slot machine theme is Jack Hammer. This game appeals to players who grew up reading comic books, as the game is animated using the same style. The theme of the game is noir crime drama. Jack Hammer has become so popular with players all over the world that the sequel to the game, Jack Hammer 2, was created and released years later.

The Koi Princess is another slot machine that boasts an unusual theme. Using the manga art style, the game appeals to many diverse players. A lot of care was taken to create this game, so much so that it is authentic manga art that serves as a homage of sorts.

Rage to Riches is another slot machine that breaks the mold of traditional themes. The game takes place in a monster movie setting. Imitations of Godzilla and King Kong are used in the game. In the bonus game, players assume the form of a dinosaur and smash the city the game is set in. Its unique scatter symbol is a screaming damsel in distress, seen framed in a window.

One of the most popular features of this game is its avalanche reels. These are different than traditional reels in a way that greatly benefits players financially. Whenever a winning combination of symbols is achieved they crumble and new symbols take their place. As a result, players can win more money will spinning the reels less often than they would in games without the avalanche feature.

Among the newest slot machines with a unique theme is the Guns N Roses slot. During the course of the game, players will hear some of the group’s biggest hits and can even choose which song they want to listen to.

All of these unusually themed slot machines have proven popular among players looking for something different than the traditional slot machine game.

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