//Why Online Casinos Are Controversial

Why Online Casinos Are Controversial

Though they provide entertainment to players all over the world, even in 2018 online casinos still face their fare share of controversies. Certain recurring debates concerning the industry are often argued by those who oppose online casinos.

One of the biggest controversies in the imdustry right now is that online casinos are likely to lead to gambling problems for people of all ages. However, there is no data available that proves or disproves that more people are becoming problem gamblers because online casinos are so easy to access these days. After  more than 15 years of online casinos there has been no documented spike in the number of problem gamblers created. Yet opponents of online gambling will say otherwise.

Another controversy surrounding the industry is that it gives minors easy access to games they aren’t legally allowed to play for real money. In fact, every online casino states that players must be at least 18 in order to gamble with real money, and new players are required to provide proof of age.

From a financial standpoint there has also been controversy due to the fact that many people believe online casinos can’t enforce regulations because the technology they use to do so is flawed. The idea behind this controversy is that many people feel that online casinos use inferior technology for everything from verifying validity to processing players’ casino account deposits. What opponents of the industry fail to realize is that the same technology that casinos use for verifications is used for financial transactions as well.

Those who oppose online casimos the most are beginning to argue that since these casinos are run offshore, local governments can ban them. While this isn’t likely to happen, mostly due to the high cost and implications of doing so, it is the most recent argument against them.  The struggle between government bodies and those that are proponents of online casinos continues every day. Though the struggle is more prevalant in the US than it is in the UK, there is controversy surrounding it in both countries.

However, the UK government is very strict about licensing and regulations for online casinos. Many online casinos have been shut down because they were being operated by those who failed to get a license to do so. They are also vigilant about taking casinos offline that offer games which are appealing to unsuspecting children. More than 400 online casino and gambling sites in the UK have already been forced to stop offering child friendly games. This includes any game that features cartoon type characters and graphics. Even games who sound like they are targeting children are being pulled from online casinos’ collections.

The reason why so many UK based casinos have featured these types of games is that the operators of the casinos felt they could get around the regulations set forth by the country’s official Gambling Commission. These casinos felt that if their games could be played for free it would be OK for children to play them. While some online casinos catering to UK players have been cooperative about removing games that children are inclined to play, other casinos have been much less cooperative.

The software companies that create online casino games are becoming more aware of the fact that their games need to be appealing to adults but not to children. Only time will tell whether or not these companies side with the naysayers or they keep their games as they are. There is no doubt that in the UK, as well as the rest of the world, online casinos will continue to be a subject of controversy.

Why Online Casinos Are Controversial
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