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New Online Casinos 2019 – compare all new UK casinos for January!

New online casinos pop up all the time making it hard to know what online casino to play at. Luckily for you, we have done all the hard work for you by collecting all new casinos in 2019 in one place – just a few clicks away!

New online casinos pop up all the time making it hard to know what online casino to play at. Luckily for you, we have done all the hard work for you by collecting all new casinos in 2019 in one place – just a few clicks away! Not only do we list many new casinos, but we also bring you comprehensive reviews of all new casino sites updated with new promotions, games and casino bonuses for you to enjoy.

New casinos are always exciting and come with many benefits compared to online casinos that have been established for quite some time. Not only does new casinos usually have more attractive welcome bonuses but they also bring fresh new ideas using innovative technology. At our site, you will mainly find new casinos in the UK since that’s our main focus but we will also list established casinos that we recommend. All online casinos have cons and pros so be sure to read our in-depth reviews before you go ahead and play.

At our site, you will also be able to read various “good to know” articles that hopefully will give you knowledge about the industry and some useful tips and tricks in order to be a successful casino gambler in 2019.

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Listed below you will find a complete list of all new online casinos for 2019 that’s worth mentioning.
Be sure to read our reviews and play safe! Specific terms and conditions apply to all casino offer we have listed. 

Jonny Jackpot Casino


Jonny Jackpot is one of the latest entrants into the iGaming industry and brings one of the largest collections of quality games for your sheer entertainment.

With an excellent bonus structure, great customer service, and a massive library of online games, Jonny Jackpot has a cutting edge on many other new online casinos. There’s no doubt about that.

All new players automatically qualify for a welcome bonus that can give them a straight 100% deposit bonus that can have an upper limit as big as £1,000.


Above you will find a casino that’s really popular right now. Below you will find an extended list of many new casino sites in 2019 that we really recommend our visitors to take an extra look at. We are pretty sure, regardless of which casino you end up choosing, you will have a blast gambling!



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Slot developers & casino games

Video slot developers are working around the clock to bring new and exciting slots to the market on a regular basis.
Listed below you will find a few of our favorites we recommend our readers to check out. We are sure you will like them as much as we do! 

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Why New Online Casinos?

Finding a new online casino in 2019 can be challenging since the industry is very big and as an operator of a new casino site it’s very challenging and expensive to stay in the advertisement spotlight eye. These two arguments contribute to the reason we created this website, by other words to help you find the best new online casinos available today and tomorrow in the casino jungle.

Here at New Online Casinos UK, our main objective will always be to present the best and most valuable new online casinos by presenting them in our casino site listings throughout the website. We also strive to always present great reviews for each new casino we list so you can get a full understanding of what each casino has to offer.

Our database of new casinos is growing rapidly so make sure to swing by our site as often as possible in order to take full advantage of all new hot promotions new casino sites have to offer. We work hard to present our readers with the most accurate and reliable information available, so please check with us before you register an account with any new online casino 2019.

When you find a new casino that you feel comfortable to play on, remember to always read the terms and conditions that may apply. It’s important that you have a full understanding of the rules before you decide to deposit any money.

Joining a New Casino in 2019

Finding the right casino can be somewhat tricky. Gaming companies attract with big promotions and sometimes it sounds almost too good to be through. As a player, you have to have a watchful eye and a clear head to understand what’s really going on. Promotion campaigns will give you great opportunities to win big, no doubt about that. It’s also important to know that new UK casinos have bonuses that usually comes with some kind of requirements that need to be followed. In most cases new casino bonuses have wagering requirements, forcing you to turn around your bonus amount multiple times before depositing any money.

Reaching the required wagering is not hard at all, but players need to be aware it can take some time. We don’t think this is a big problem at all since we are playing new online casinos because we love it.
We also think it’s a fair deal between the player and the casino. If new casinos wouldn’t have wagering requirements they probably would go broke day one.
Wagering requirements are something players just have to get used to if they want to get extra money to play with when joining an online casino in the UK.

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New Mobile Casino in the United Kingdom

Technology is moving at a very fast pace these days and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. The iGaming industry has a long and serious understanding about this, that’s why almost every new online casino in the UK have developed their online casino sites to run fast and smooth on almost all available mobile devices.

Playing at new online casinos using a tablet or smartphone is different from playing on a stationary computer. The interaction with the casino becomes closer and brings out a whole new experience for the player. Since many of today’s new casino games are developed with a lot of interaction the combination is perfect.

Please visit our dedicated new mobile casino page and start exploring what new mobile casinos is all about. The page discusses the pros and cons with new mobile casinos, what type of games you can expect to be playing and witch new online casinos 2019 we recommend. Dedicated new mobile casino lists for both the latest mobile casinos as well as those we recommend the most are all covered. You can also visit our mobile casino no deposit page if you want to play for free from your mobile.

New Online Casino with No Deposit Bonus

If you never played on new online casino the chance is high it might be because you are afraid to lose money or simply that you don’t feel comfortable about the gaming rules for the actual games listed inside the casino rooms. This is totally fine and a very common feeling for newcomers trying out a new casino.

In order to get your head around this problem and start to explore the entertainment new online casinos in the UK has to offer you can always try playing on a new casino site where no deposit is required. As good as it sounds this is a great way for new players to start playing and explore the world of iGaming. When taking advantage of a new no deposit casino there is absolutely no risk involved since you are only playing with free money.

All you need to do is to register an account with any new online casino we list at our site. Be sure to check what type of bonus you will receive and read our casino reviews before register. When you have found the right casino with no deposit bonus you can proceed with the registration and collect it once completed. This is truly a great alternative we highly recommend if you want to start playing at any new casino 2019 today.


2017 & 2016 were busy years with many new casinos being launched in the United Kingdom. A few of them made a significant impression while others did not. We at New Online Casinos have our own favorite casinos from 2017 & 2016 that we still enjoy playing and that we would like our visitors to check out. All our recommended casinos are high-quality casinos regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

New Casino Sites vs Established Casinos

The benefits of playing on new casino sites versus established online casinos are huge. In general you always get bigger and better casino bonuses since new casinos are somewhat pushed to award better bonuses to new players in order to attract them to their new online casino site. New online casinos in the United Kingdom also have a tendency to bring fresh new ideas to the market compared to their old online casino competitors.

What players need to be aware of when searching for a new casino in 2019 to play, is that there are both bad and good new online casinos. With new casino sites it’s hard to forecast if the casino is serious or not and taking care of their customers. This is something you usually don’t need to be think about when dealing with established casinos, otherwise they would have been closed down long time ago.

We work hard to keep our lists up to date so you can relax and have fun instead. We will do the hard work for you finding trustful new online casinos. Make sure to scroll through our listings of new casinos in the UK and read our reviews for a better understanding of witch new casino for 2019 that is best for you.

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Great UK Casino Bonuses in 2019

Who doesn’t want more money when you can get it? With an online casino bonus, you will have more money to play with than you can imagine. In general, choosing to play on new online casinos the casino bonuses are bigger giving the player more bang for the buck so to speak. It is also not uncommon players will receive free money or free spins to play with directly after register an account.

If the player later decides to deposit real money another significant bonus will come into account, also known as the welcome bonus. If you are qualified to receive this type of online casino bonus the amount of the bonus is usually calculated based on the original amount deposited, then multiplied a few numbers of times.

Further down the road, players who are loyal to the casino and are willing to make new deposits will usually be awarded again as a thank you for continuing playing at the casino site.

Reviews & Guides of New UK Casinos

We believe knowledge is the key to success in most cases, regardless of what category of work. To be well prepared and know how to handle certain situations will benefit you in the long run. The same thing applies when playing at new casino sites in 2019.

Here at New Online Casinos one of our goals is to help you get prepared before you thinking of spending your hard earned cash. To master this task we are dedicated to writing in-depth reviews for all our casinos we list. If you for some reason can’t find a review for the casino you are looking for, we probably are working on it. Otherwise, you are more than welcome to contact us and give us a hint of what casino you want us to review.

Besides our casino reviews, we are also creating specific game reviews of different shapes and sizes. These guides will give you the basic fundamentals of the games in terms of rules, characters, bonuses, free spins, extra spins and a lot more.

 New Casino Sites 2019 – Next Level Stuff

You may ask yourself, have we reached the end point for what’s possible with new online casinos? The answer is simply, no, and that’s with capital letters. The future looks very promising, especially for new casinos in 2019. The biggest companies in the industry are working their butts off pushing the envelope for what’s possible to develop for new online casinos. Awesome games are developed every day with new cool features added as time flies.

As technology moves forward games are becoming even more immersive, graphics getting better, the sound is louder and the feeling is smoother at new casinos. Casino games are getting more and more equal to ordinary games, including real stories with characters, trophies and levels to reach. Playing at new casinos vs established casinos are not only more fun but could potentially be much more rewarding as well.

Another interesting department, still in early development is the world of VR. VR stands for virtual reality and is accessible by using a VR headset. A person using a virtual reality headset will be able to look around in an artificial world, walk around and interact with features and objects. By taking this technology into the iGaming world we believe another milestone will be reached when new online casinos in 2019 hit the market.

We can’t wait to see what game developers from the iGaming industry have in store for us. One thing is for sure, it will be an interesting year as we see more new casino sites in 2019 go live.

new online casino 2018 vr

Play Responsible at New Casinos in the UK

Gambling at new casinos should be fun and immersive. It should bring a smile on your face regardless of what side of the coin you are ending up with. We believe you never should play with more money than you are willing to lose. Play within your limits and be sure to never be greedy.

Playing at new online casinos will have it’s up and down, you will win and lose money, it’s simple as that. Never look at gambling as an investment. If you have lost money we understand it can be tempting trying to win it all back, but please stay cool in this moment. Take a break and recuperate yourself, it will award you in the end.

If you think you have problem gambling, also referred to as gambling addiction we highly recommend you to seek help. We support responsible gambling to 100% and want you to have fun playing at new casinos, not the other way around. Visit GamCare.co.uk for more information on this matter.

New Online Casinos wish you the best of luck!

The team at New-OnlineCasinos wish you the best of luck gambling at new online casino sites in the UK. We hope the content on this website is to your liking and that you will revisit us regularly in order to grab new exclusive casino bonuses and other goodies. The best way to keeping yourself updated is by visiting the site frequently. By doing so you will get access to the latest and most generous casino bonuses as soon as new casino hit the market.

Once again, good look and be sure to play within your limits.
Gambling is something you should do because it’s fun. Be responsible and keep it cool!

Best Regards
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